History of Belton Woods Seniors (under permanent reconstruction) as remembered by Brian Gibson and Mike North.

The Seniors were founded on 17 June 1992 as a result of a request from Brian Gibson and Roger Cochrane, the then hotel owner, the Belton Woods Seniors section began with 7 foundation members: Dick Boycott, Jim Evans, Brian Gibson, Ray Hesling, Tom Lambert, Peter Prior & Dan Ward. By the end of that year there were 30 of us. As the seniors progressed, a captain and committee were appointed. Peter Prior was the Seniors’ liaison representative on the main club committee.
The Seniors first match was on 12 August 1992 against Retford - The Seniors boasted 17 members at that time.

As I recall it, and I was a club member from day one in 1991, there were several groups in parallel to Brian's. There were a number of people, like myself, who had joined as individuals and struck up playing acquaintances on the course. These groups were totally informal and interacted with each other according to who turned up at any given time. I played a lot with Denis Anderson and Eddie Langdon, both of whom became members of the Seniors but later left to join other clubs nearer their homes. I also played many times with Jim Evans (a member of Brian's group) and we became firm friends, playing as partners in other club's open competitions. My recollection is that the first idea of a formal Seniors section came from a chap called Brian Cogger. It was certainly he who approached me with an invitation to take part in what he then called the "wrinklies" . I initially rejected it on the grounds that I was too young (at 52) but he persisted because at the time he did not have much support. He maintained I looked the part and was therefore eligible. I attended the inaugural meeting mentioned by Brian Gibson and played in the first inter club match. Brian Cogger was instrumental in arranging that match and did a lot of liaison work with the hotel management in getting the Seniors off the ground. He eventually had a disagreement with the de Vere management and left to join Belton Park

For those of us that are misty-eyed about the past this page is a repository for old photos and other items relating to the BW Seniors. Enjoy!

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